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Broken Age Review
This game is very good, but not as good as Grim Fandango.
Broken Age is a point and click adventure game by Tim Schafer, about two teenagers who live two seemingly different lives.  First there is a girl who has been chosen to be sacrificed to a monster but decides to fight back.  Second, is a boy who has been raised on a spaceship by an overprotective super computer, but now he wants more excitement in his life.
The art style and environments are gorgeous and Imaginative, the characters you interact with are colorful and memorable, and the humor is well written.  The story, while not as good as some of Tim’s past work, is a pretty decent story with some interesting twists and turns along the way. And while I do believe the game’s ending does leave some questions unanswered, I personally found it satisfying.
My personal problem with the game was that some of the puzzles felt a bit too cryptic. I felt like I was forced to find the solutions online, and after f
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Duke nukem forever review
Duke Nukem: Better Late Than Never
When Duke Nukem 3D was released by 3D realms in 1996 it was going to be a hit for its developer ID Software.  The game was a sequel to the side scrolling game Duke Nukem II.  Duke Nukem 3D has been praised for its interactive non-linear level design, as well as its adult themes and tongue-in-cheek humor.  The character of Duke Nukem has also been praised for his immature personality as well as his memorable one liners, examples include "Hail to the king, Baby" or "it's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum."   The game sold over 3.5 million copies, spawned 3 expansion packs, at least 5 spinoffs and several custom maps and mods.  One year later, 3D Realms announced the development of a sequel titled Duke Nukem Forever.  However, several budget problems, employee layoffs and the constant release of new technology caused the game to spend more time in development then
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United States
i get very easily distracted.  plus my mario fan fiction is on a back up file so i will have to get that and then finish the prologe.  also have been lacking modivation to draw for right now(even though i haven't uploaded anything.  but i haven't given up comleatly on drawing.  

anyway, on a positive note, uploaded a college video project to youtube.  link:…

been watching thundercats.  pretty good show.  

i have also got garry's mod. so *yay*

can't wait for Avatar: the promise.

school starts wensday.

i want to do reviews of stuff like movies, TV shows and videogames. (which is why I have been leving "cridical" coments.)

i hope that sometime soon i will do something productive that i would want to do.


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